How to install Vivaldi on Q4OS

My desktop operating system of choice is the fast and flexible Q4OS Linux distribution.  It is based on Debian and provides a very familiar environment for those users coming from a Microsoft Windows background.  It’s also a fantastic OS for those of us who may be using older PCs and laptops, but also performs well on the latest technology.  The one thing it doesn’t have is Vivaldi included in its software package manager.  But this quick how-to will show you how to get Vivaldi installed on your Q4OS desktop in a flash.

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A photo manager for your Linux PC

I’ve been a Linux user since 2001, and I’ve tried and experimented with many versions of Linux and software for it over these past eighteen years.  There’s such a plethora of free and open source software out there for the operating system that, sometimes it can get over-whelming as to what to use.  For managing my digital photos, I’ve used excellent applications, like DigiKam, gThumb and Shotwell.  But the one I’ve come to enjoy and use today is the little talked about Phototonic, created by Ofer Kashayov.

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The nostalgia for VHS

Tonight, my wife and I watched one of our movies from our collection, which we haven’t watched in a long time.  The movie was “Angels In The Outfield” and it was a real pleasure to watch it again, after all this time.  Best of all, we watched it on VHS and that always brings us a lot of pleasure on its own, for the nostalgia we have for this video format.

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A simple way to protect your instant photos

One thing you learn very quickly, when taking instant photos (like the Mini Instax photos), is that it is easy to damage or lose them if you don’t find a safe place to store them. You can use a photo album to keep your instant photos organised and protected.  However, carrying a photo album with you when you are out shooting fun and exciting pictures isn’t very practical or convenient. But, did you know that if you are using Instax film, Fuji has already provided you with a convenient and easy way to store your instant photos?

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The Fotodiox TLR Camera Kit

This is a Build It Yourself, TLR camera kit.  TLR stands for twin lens reflex. This basically means that, the camera has two lenses, one that projects an image onto the film, and another through which the user views to frame the shot. The lenses are one on-top of the other, and you look down, into a hooded view finder with a mirror, which allows you to see the scene in front of you.

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How safe are your memories?

As I’ve been experimenting and playing with the new Lomo’instant camera, I got to thinking about what it was like to take photographs before digital technology. Digital photography has made it simpler to take nice looking photographs, as well as given us the ability to enjoy them instantly. But, it’s also set the stage for a potential disaster, if you are someone who cherishes your photos and memories.

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Fun with film

Yes, I still take pictures with film.  There’s just something very magical to me getting those photos back from the developer, not knowing exactly what I’m going to see.

Another thing I’ve discovered is that, you don’t need an expensive camera to take great photographs.  In fact, the imperfections that a plastic lens brings, like in my favourite Fotodiox TLR kit camera, can produce some the most interesting photos I’ve seen.