About Me

There’s so much news out there about the current state of our world, that I really don’t have much more to offer on the subject.  We’re staying secluded on our little homestead as much as possible.  So, during this time, I’ll just keep posting about my hobbies and interests and try to offer some sense of normality to a world going crazy.

I’m a simple guy, living with my lovely wife on our little homestead on the Saskatchewan prairie, who enjoys taking photographs, listening to our records, watching our collection of old movies, and playing games on my trusty old Commodore 64 and 128 computer.

I enjoy my 1980s technology and have never really seen any compelling reason to abandon it.  In our house you’ll still see us watching our movies on VHS and LaserDiscs, and some DVDs.  We listen to our music on vinyl LPs and compact cassettes, along with some of those fancy-shmancy things they call CDs.

Desktop computing-wise, I try to make my computers and equipment last as long as possible, repairing them if I can and replacing them as little as possible.  Very few electronic devices that I own go to the landfill.  My day-to-day computer is a Aspire One netbook running ALT Linux for an operating system.


Thank you for visiting me!