Review of the QKK 2021 Mini LCD Projector

We decided to upgrade our home mini projector with the latest model from QKK, the QK03.

This is the QKK 2021 Mini LCD Projector, with Wi-Fi support; an upgrade to the QKK 2020 model, which we bought last year.  When compared to the 2020 model (the QK02), the 2021 QK03 has a brighter 7500Lumin LED bulb, Wi-Fi connection to the Internet, wireless and corded connection to your iPad, iPhone and Android device, and native resolution up to 720P.

At $129.99 (after applying the $30 discount currently available on Amazon) the QK03 was a real bargain.  Just like the QK02, I was well impressed with the build quality of the projector and the features that it contained. When I first took it out of the box, the QK03 felt a little heavier than the QK02 and, according to our kitchen’s digital scale, it’s about 7 ounces heavier, weighing in at 2lb – 7.2oz.

The 7500Lumin LCD is a very nice improvement over the 6200Lumins of last year’s model, producing a much nicer image when we’re watching it in daylight conditions. We never had to totally blackout the windows during the day to watch a movie with it, but the extra brightness makes it an even better experience.

But the real advancement over last year’s model is the addition of Wi-fi and wireless phone/tablet support. Connecting it to our Android WLAN hot-spot was really easy. The projector detected the hot-spot right away and all I had to do was enter in the password to connect to it.

The projector’s operating system/interface has also been upgraded and I found it very easy to navigate. All of the screen colour controls and presets have made it over from the QK02, as well as the audio controls. I think the sound quality has also improved on the QK03, although for most of our viewing I have high quality speakers plugged in to the projector’s output jack.

The only feature that didn’t make it into the QK03 was the ability to zoom the projected image.  I contacted QKK about this, as it’s something that we used to compensate for the fact that we didn’t have the set-up to set the projector to the proper distance from the screen to get the size we needed.  The QKK representative explained to me that this feature could not make it into this latest model because of micro-chip shortages brought on by the current COVID crisis.  I was a little disappointed by this news, but the improvements to brightness and picture quality were enough that we were able to figure something out that will allow us to use the projector without zoom.

Another difference between the two models was what is bundled with them. Along with the QK02, a cloth projection screen was included with the projector.  With the QK03, QKK included a mini tripod; and a pretty sturdy one at that. It’s a nice “chunky” one made from good quality plastic and a really strong spring loaded tilt adjuster that I think will hold up really well.

What surprised me most, regarding design changes, was the addition of a removable access panel so that you could clean the LCD screen and lenses inside, if you need to. At one point, my QK02 had a real problem with dust particles collecting on the LCD screen (probably because of using it to watch movies outside last summer). I was able to clear some of the dust out, but it wasn’t an easy job. But now, with the QK03, you have direct access to the LCD and can easily clean it if dust collects. I was quite impressed by that!  They also threw in a couple of lint-free cleaning cloths for the projector lens and a handful of swabs for getting in to clean the LCD.  They even  included a little screw driver to help open the cleaning port!

As for the noise from the projector’s fan, it doesn’t sound any louder to me than the QK02, which wasn’t very loud anyway.  And just like it’s predecessor, the QK03 has all of the physical connectors you should ever need; audio out, RCA video in, HDMI in, USB in and VGA in.  However, unlike the QK02, the QK03 replaced the SD card reader with a Micro-SD / TF card reader and, of course, supports Wi-Fi.

The user manual for the QK03 is also an improvement over the QK02, with much more details, including pretty good instructions on how to pair the projector to your Android and Apple devices.

I also have to say that the manufacturers are very responsive to customer inquiries. I’ve contacted them a few times with questions and they’ve always responded to me within six to twelve hours of my emails. And they’ve always responded with courteous and helpful replies. So, a feather in their cap for that!

I’m very pleased with this new model of the QKK mini projector. I honestly feel that you get a great little projector for the price you pay… especially with the $30 discount!  Take into account the cost of the tripod (I found similar tripods on Amazon going for between $25 and $30) and the projector is even more affordable.  And let’s not forget that they offer a three year, 100% customer satisfaction guarantee.

QKK is just one of those companies that (I feel) really try to please their customers.  I mean, I did complain a little bit about the dust problem I was experiencing in the QK02.  So, what do they do?  Change their design so it isn’t such a problem any more (or at least a problem you can easily address).  So, it must have been an issue for more people than just me. And throwing in the little extras, like the cleaning materials; now those are just little inexpensive things to do that demonstrate good customer relations (at least to me).

No complaints here, with the QK03 mini projector.  I’ll continue to buy from QKK with the utmost confidence, when they produce products like this.


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  1. I think I used something like that at one time. When I was a photojournalist, but I can’t jog my brain that deep for some reason the full picture.

    1. They’re fun little projectors. It’s low powered and produce a nice big picture. Last summer, we had some entertaining movie nights outside under the stars. Brought back a lot of memories as a kid, going to the drive-in.