Review of the ADDSMILE Rechargeable Desk Fan

With a fan-blade of only four inches in diameter, this little fan moves a lot of air.

I’ve been looking for a fan to replace the mini AC fan we’ve had since 2014.  We use it at night to give us a bit of air flow and white-noise to help us sleep.  But, over the years, the AC motor has started to show signs of wear and hasn’t been working all that well.

After doing a bit of searching on Amazon, we decided to give this ADDSMILE USB powered mini fan a try.  It seemed to be a pretty nice balance between features and price that was available.

Some of the specifications of this fan include: a 4-inch diameter fan-blade, 5,000 mAh battery that is charged via USB cable, a stepless motor control that allows you to adjust fan speed from zero to 3,500 rpm, a 729 degree directional fan housing, and the ability to use the fan’s battery as a 4,400mAh USB power pack.

First thing I noticed, when I removed the fan from it’s box was how solid it’s construction felt.  The frame and clip is very sturdy.  The battery, which is located in the clip, gives the fan a nicely weighed base, so you could just put it down on a table and it will stand in place, if you don’t wish to use the clip.  The spring in the clip is also strong, so it functions perfectly fine, clipped to our windowsill.

I was very impressed at how well this little fan moves the air. It functions better than a slightly larger AC fan it replaced, which had a 5.5 inch diameter fan-blade.  The non-step speed control is very convenient and allows us to adjust the fan speed to our specific needs. At 3/4 speed, this fan runs for 9 hours on battery power.

The noise it makes is minimal. It’s a nice constant low hum, perfect for sleeping.  We find it to be a little quieter than our old AC mini fan.


Along with fan, you get a USB charging cable and two little sponges.  I wasn’t sure what the sponges were, until I read the user manual.  If you’re someone who enjoys aroma therapy, then you can use these sponges to hold a small bit of essential oil.  Then, put the sponge in the small recess, on the back of the fan, and it will disperse the oil’s aroma while it circulates the air.  You could also use these sponges to help humidify the air, if you soak them in water.  A cleaver little idea and a bonus I missed, when I first decided to buy this fan.

Having it charge (and run) via USB is also very convenient for our off-grid lifestyle. We like this fan so much, we bought two more in preparation for the coming summer months.  I think they will come in handy to help keep our tiny off-grid house cool this summer.

Although some reviewers on Amazon have complained that the battery on this fan overheated when it was charging isn’t something we’ve experienced.  I don’t feel any major heat emanating from the battery during charging or when the fan is in operation.  Overall, I’m very pleased with my purchase and feel like I’ve received good value for money… as long as the fan doesn’t up and die on me as some other recent Amazon purchase have done.  Time will tell.