Review of the MakerSpot Mini Wireless Keyboard

My review of the MakerSpot 2.4GHz mini wireless keyboard for my Raspberry Pi multi-media player.

This is a 2.4GHz wireless keyboard with rechargeable lithium battery (rechargeable via USB cable) and multi-coloured back-lit keys  I bought this keyboard to replace a full sized wireless Logitech keyboard I had hooked up to our Raspberry Pi 3+B mini PC.  We use the Raspberry Pi as our multi-media entertainment system, with LibreElec/Kodi installed as the OS.

The keyboard was a little smaller than I was expecting, but it’s quite functional and suites it’s purpose well. It’s light, but doesn’t feel cheap; it’s solid and the keys seem sturdy and have a nice “clicky” feel.  The shape of it fits nicely in the hand and the media control buttons (in the two directional pads at the top) are situated well.

It worked with my Raspberry Pi setup right out of the box.  And because of it’s compact size, it is much more convenient and comfortable to use than the full sized Logitech we had, while sitting on the couch watching a movie.

The LED back-lit keys are bright, but not so bright that they’re uncomfortable to look at in a darkened room.  You can easily change the colour displayed by pressing Fn+F2, or you can turn the LEDs off completely, if you so wish.  You can also set the LEDs to cycle through the different colours if you like that sort of effect.

My only criticisms would be, a longer USB charging chord would have been more convenient (the one that is included is only a few inches long). Secondly, some kind of battery power indicator would have been nice, so I could tell how much of a charge was left in the battery.  However, from the information provided by the manufacturer, a fully charged keyboard can last several weeks of “regular” use before recharging is required.  It has a mechanical on-off switch, but also powers itself off automatically if not used after a couple minutes, which helps with excessive power drain.

Over all, however, I’m very pleased with my purchase and feel that I’ve gotten good value for my money.  At the time of purchase, charged me $14.99 for this little keyboard… not too bad, if you ask me.  I really hope it lasts.

You can learn more about the products MakerSpot offers by going to their website