Review of the MegaDisc Optical Disc Storage Trunk


I’ve finally found a solution to the terrible packaging you typically find with DVD “boxed sets” of your favorite T.V. shows.

I’ve blogged about the subject a few times now, about how I despise those terribly designed boxed sets you typically get with television series on DVD. Their either difficult to get in to, arrange the discs in ways that are completely impractical to use, or provide little to no protection for the discs inside.

Well, my solution to this problem arrived a couple of days ago and I’ve spent some time getting our collection of DVD boxed sets sorted and organized into their new home.

My solution was the purchase of a MegaDisc brand aluminum reinforced storage trunk, with hanging file storage system.

This thing is amazing! I’m really surprised at how sturdy and rugged this case is, with aluminum reinforced frame and corners, sturdy chrome hinges and locking clasps, felt lined interior, and aluminum rails for the hanging disc storage system. What really surprised me was the spring loaded handles on either side of the case; a real nice touch.

The case also came with 500 hanging disc sleeves, both capable of holding two discs each, providing a total storage capacity of 1,000 discs! And, boy, did I come close to filling this thing up to the gills with our collection of T.V. series. When all was said and done, I had a total of 969 individual discs filed away inside. I didn’t realize that our collection of boxed sets contained so many DVDs!

When I picked up the case to move it to it’s current home in the living room, it was heavy, but the case felt very sturdy in my hands. I could tell that it had no problem with the weight of discs inside. It’s also a fair size, measuring 24-1/4 x 16-1/2 x 7 1/2 inches, but not so large to be unmanageable. Remember, it holds 1,000 optical discs, which does take up a lot of space on their own.

Even though it took a while for me to get our disc collection organized and into the hanging sleeves, I’m so glad I did. Having the discs ready at my finger tips is so much better than having to deal with those poorly designed boxed sets. When watching a particular series, all I need is a simple piece of paper to use as a bookmark to know which disc in the collection is next one to watch.

The sleeves are all nicely numbered and came with a small index card to keep track of the discs inside. The card is too small for me to use, but I just made a spreadsheet of my own and printed that out to keep in the case.

Of course, all of the extra shelf space were saving, by not having to keep all of those boxes on hand is another great benefit of using the DVD case. We were coming to a point of running out of shelf space for our movie DVDs. But, now that all of those series boxes are out of the house and in storage, we have a lot more room to better organize our movie DVDs.

We bought our MegaDisc case from Goodwood E-shop, a Canadian company out of Goodwood, Ontario. Along with this case, they also offer other DVD/disc storage solutions at pretty fair prices… oh and free shipping on a lot of their products, too.

We’re very pleased that we took a chance and decided to buy the MegaDisc case, rather than going for the folder/binder style storage solution. Although they may have been a little easier to store, they would have been more expensive in the long and not provide as much protection as the aluminum case does. I think we got great value for the money with this choice.

Here are few more photos: