It’s such a treat to see past tech in movies

I don’t know why, but I really enjoy watching older movies and seeing them use the off-the-shelf computer technology that was available at the time.

Like this evening, we watched the movie Deep Blue Sea, made back in 1999.  In the movie, the lead scientist was using her computer to record her research and then promptly loads up a Iomega Zip-Disk.  You don’t see Zip-Disks being used anymore, but back in the day, they were pretty popular mass storage devices.

I really like is watching the old T.V. shows from the 80s and seeing the good ol’ C64 show up when you least expect it.  The C64 and PET show up a few times in the first season of Airwolf, which I still think is really cool.  8-)  And, for what ever reason, if I see someone in a T.V. show or movie using a floppy disk, I get this big smile on my face.  Seeing the old tech. just brings back so many good memories for me.

I know…. I’m easily amused.

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  1. Russians have another pastime: we look for artifacts of Russian writing in foreign films. Like Jason Bourne’s passport or a ship from Fantastic Four.

    1. I can see the enjoyment in that! Another movie I can think of that might bring some enjoyment in this would be “Leviathan”.

      1. “Russian Depression” is not so popular genre here, this is for festivals and aesthetes more. Try to watch Roman Karimov’s “Inadequate People”, it’s fun.