Golan-Globus helped shape the 80s for me

For Christmas this year, one of the best gifts that I received was from my wife, who was able to track down the movie “Revenge of the Ninja” for me on DVD. When I was a teenager, this movie was one of my favorites, and launched my interest in the entire ninja-genre that took the 80s action scene by storm. Enter the Ninja, Ninja III: The Domination, Pray For Death, and American Ninja were all at the top of my movie viewing list.

apdc1406.jpgI had copies of these movies, which I recorded from First Choice Super Channel, the pay-cable channel that we had, here in Canada at the time. And, I tell you, I watched those movies so much that the playback quality of those tapes were just about unwatchable by the late 90s. I was really saddened when the VHS tapes finally did fail, as I’ve never been able to find those movies on DVD for a reasonable price. So, I had to do without and, gradually, those classic movies faded from memory.

But, when I opened up “Revenge of the Ninja” this week and played it on the DVD player, all of those awesome memories came flooding back. Seeing that Cannon / Golan-Globus logo flash across the screen was like seeing an old friend again. It was wonderful!

Back in the 80s, many of my favorite movies were produced by Cannon; Missing In Action, Delta Force, Death Wish, Lifeforce, Allan Quartermain, were just what a young teen like me was looking for in a movie. Lots of action, stunts, high adventure, and every so often some scantily clad lovely ladies – what else could you ask for?

Now-a-days, I think that many action movies take themselves far too seriously. Those low budget, B-type movies that Cannon was famous for are just much more entertaining and great for those nights you just want to sit back with your Honey and a bowl of popcorn and just unwind watching an action flick together.

Good times, good times.