Movie previews on VHS

As I’ve gotten older, those movie previews that are always added to the beginning of most movies on VHS tape turned out to be not as bad as they once were. When I was a young collector of movies on VHS, I used to detest having to fast-forward through all of those movie previews in order to get to the movie that I wanted to see. I wasn’t interested in any of it; I wanted to watch my movie NOW!

Not having to deal with those pesky previews was one of the selling points of going to LaserDisc; put the disk in, press Play and the movie just played with no fast-forwarding through previews!

These days, however, I’ve been finding myself letting the VCR run through the previews, as I get prepared to watch a movie. In the last several months, I’ve actually sat and watched the previews; something I’ve never thought I do. Why? I have no idea, but it actually is a kind of a homage for me, back to the hey-day of renting movies on VHS.

Now, when I’m watching the previews, I’m thinking to myself, “hey, I don’t have that movie in my collection!” and it gives me ideas as to what to look out for the next time I go looking for VHS tape for the collection.

So, I’m very surprised to say that movie previews at the beginning of movies on VHS were actually a pretty good idea! Go figure.